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Over 80% of expensive service calls could be avoided by taking proper care of your sewing machine or serger. Proper care involves three basic things: Cleaning, Oiling (only if applicable - some machines are self lubricating) and Changing Your Needles Regularly.

Here’s are some steps to try for Troubleshooting before you bring us your sewing machine or serger for repair:

1) Put in a brand new needle, appropriate for your fabric and machine, and completely retread your machine. Take the bobbin out and the thread off and start all over. If it is a serger, take ALL the threads off and start over. Make sure the presser foot is up and the take up lever is in the highest position while you thread it.

Sure, you’ve been threading that same machine for forty-plus years and you know what you’re doing, but maybe the thread missed or fell out of one of the guides or it just isn’t in the tension properly. Your needle could be dull, burred or bent. It might just be the wrong needle for the fabric you are sewing on.  

2) Try a spool of really good-quality, consistent thread, something like Gütermann. Hint: If a “machine” is breaking thread, it’s rarely the machine.

If the thread is old it could have become brittle. If it is poor quality, it may be lumpy and bumpy in some areas and super thin in others. Poor quality thread usually causes thread breakage, tension troubles or skipped stitches.

3) Your machine may need a “Tune-Up” and our technician will give you a free estimate.

Has your machine been sitting for a long time? Or maybe you use it all the time? Have you just finished a huge project? (Machines are like cars and don’t run smoothly if they aren’t used regularly. They also need to be tuned up periodically. Most manufacturers recommend having your machine serviced annually.)  Our sewing machine technician is factory trained on almost every make and model. He will clean, lube and reset your machine to factory specs. Your repair will be warranted. You won’t believe what you’ve been missing!   
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